Senior Crisis Consulting

Dealing with crisis situations is hard enough for those with youth on their side. We assist our clients in times when there was a lack of planning, or when urgent matters arise, despite the best laid plans.

Under the management of our specially-trained staff, what could be daunting situations – financial, social, medical, housing, government programs, and more – are handled with knowledge, logic and compassion. 

Our Crisis Consulting

Catastrophic Senior Counseling for Grieving, Loss and Disease

The sudden loss of one’s spouse, an adult child, grandchild, sibling or friend can be especially hard on an elder person whose own health is fragile. It’s wrong to assume that with age comes acceptance of death and change. Our professionals make referrals to competent social workers with areas of expertise including geriatrics and family facilitation.

Assistance with Funeral Arrangements

Making funeral arrangements can be greatly simplified by preparing before the death of a loved one. However, it is not uncommon to find these critical arrangements have been avoided until a death occurs. Our professionals work with families and funeral directors to ensure a smooth transaction at this most difficult time. (Also see Pre-Need Funeral Planning)

Funding for Catastrophic Care

Let us help you in the senior care decision making process, and show you the way through the maze of programs and benefits and prepare the applications to qualify. These programs are, by definition, complicated, bureaucratic, and overwhelming for most older adults and their families. We act as your means of access to these agencies and programs. 

10 Tips For Healthy Aging

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“Working as an RN in home care I have sent several patients and family members to Tami, each has been completely pleased with the services provided. Tami is the best person to have working with you to figure out the many options available today in Elder Care. She knows all the options and how to help you through the application process to get the right help at the right time. If you are looking for help with elder care, you will be glad you choose Tami.”

Bonny C

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Serving Long Island Families Since 1994


(631) 756-0057

P. O. Box 996 Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776