Geriatric Care Management

A geriatric care manager is a health and human services professional with a specialized focus on issues related to aging and elder care. Our Managers provide assessment, coordination and monitoring of services to the elderly and their families, based on specific needs, preferences and location.

Our Geriatric Services

Budgeting and Funding Health Care
Our Geriatric Care Managers work with our elder clients to enable them to properly budget their incomes to meet their daily needs. (See Government Benefits and Entitlement Planning)
Bill Paying and Record Keeping
Our Geriatric Care Managers act on behalf of our clients by assisting with bill paying and record keeping. We straighten out neglectful bill management and set it on track to provide for consistent and timely payment. By doing so, our clients avoid possible late charges and the negative impact that seniors can face when bill payment and record keeping become too cumbersome and confusing.
Consolidation of Assets and Accounts
We’ve found that many seniors have a “bag full of bankbooks” from years of opening accounts to secure toasters and chasing the best interest rates. While at one time this seemed like a good idea, multiple accounts at different institutions can complicate finances as people age. Our staff untangles the jumble of accounts and financial institutions by consolidating our clients’ assets.
Referrals for Domestic Assistance
Referrals for Domestic Assistance, including household chores and handyman services.
Family Liaison for Out-of-State Relatives
We understand that not all family members live in the same location or even the same state. We will monitor to insure proper care is being given and act as an intermediary between the elder and the out of state family.
Power of Attorney and Decision Making
A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument authorizing one to act as another’s attorney or agent. The person authorizing the other to act is the “principal” or “grantor (of the power),” and the one authorized to act is the “agent” or “attorney-in-fact.” The attorney-in-fact acts “in the principal’s name,” signing the principal’s name to documents. There are various forms of Power of Attorney. Our managers will act as agent if it is not practical for family members to do so.
Guardian Services
Guardians help manage the personal affairs of incapacitated adults who can no longer make safe, appropriate decisions for themselves and have not executed advance directives such as Powers of Attorney or Health Care Proxies. Older adults may need a guardian and sometimes family members are too distant or untrustworthy to act.
Referrals for Transportation
We coordinate transportation to and from medical appointments, picking up prescriptions, daily errands, and other local travel.
“Watchdog” Programs
Our staff will look for institutions and advisors that may be taking advantage of an elderly individual and seek solutions to prevent such activities from occurring. We will try to identify those persons in confidential relationships with our clients who may have committed fraud and abuse, or possibly exerted undue influence over them. When appropriate, such violations will be referred to the proper authorities.
Pre-Need Funeral Planning
Simply stated, Pre-Need Funeral Planning lessens the family’s responsibilities after the death of a parent. Individuals who have not planned for their funeral may leave loved ones to make economical and emotional decisions at a very difficult time. To avoid chaos at this traumatic time in the lives of your loved ones, individuals may consider pre-need funerals. A pre-need funeral requires an individual to plan in advance the goods and services of the funeral. It may also include planning the type of cemetery service.

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